Climb it for Climate

I have pledged to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest (8,849m) but I need your help!

A key part of this is to raise funds to help solve the climate crisis and protect Australia’s endangered animals. Because right now, nearly 2,000 Australian animals are at risk of extinction.


With our fire seasons longer and more destructive, we know that climate change is the key threat to our wildlife. There are no second chances for these animals – once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

I’m taking on this challenge because I know the impacts of the changing climate are here now – #WeDontHaveTime to sit around and wait to see what happens... we need to create a world that works for every living thing. Together we are one living organism and together we must learn to live in symbiosis with our mother earth once again.
Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated.

20km hike - total climb of 921m

Masons Falls Circuit
(Mount Sugarloaf)

16km hike - total climb of 729m

14km hike - total climb of 739m

Coming soon...