Image Descriptions

Tree Bark.jpg


'Peeling Bark'

I was next door feeding the neighbours chickens when they were away and I saw this unique composition, so I had to go grab my camera! 📸

I hope you love this image as much as I do because I am planning to use it to make the cover of the eco-notebook!

Coming soon...

Cockatoo Wings.jpg


'Cockatoo Wings'

I remember seeing this pair of cockatoos on my favourite ghost gum with a perfect gradient sunset in the background.

Snap! 📸

I even got a gorgeous wings open pose. 💙

This image welcomes you to 2021 with open wings.

Perons Tree Frog-2.jpg


'Perons Tree Frog'

I could hear the Perons Tree Frogs call just outside one night so I grabbed my camera hoping to find the source of the beautiful call and there it was... but you can't focus in the dark, so I had my iPhone torch in one hand and camera in the other all while being eaten alive by mosquitoes. The things I do for the perfect photo 😅

Rainbow Lorikeet.jpg


'Rainbow Lorikeet'

This month we can enjoy the colourful Australian Rainbow Lorikeet whom I captured out searching for its breakfast one morning.

Blue Damesfly


'Blue Damesfly'

This Blue Damesfly is a special one because I actually created the habitat which attracted this dragonfly to my garden in the first place. Dragonflies play and breed in water, if you create a small pond as habitat for them you just might attract some to your garden too!



'Masons Falls'

Masons Falls is located in Kinglake West. A beautiful sight, it seems as though the waterfall is cut into the side of the densely forested mountain.

The Bee's Knees copy.jpg


'The Bees Knees'

 Showcasing a busy female worker bee out collecting pollen for her hive.

I didn't use any special equipment for this macro shot, just my camera with its standard lens enabled me to capture the intricate detail of the pollen stuck to the hairs on her legs.



'Pair of Galahs'

This pair of Galahs love plastic-free July!

Reducing plastic is very important for the health of our wildlife. I'm galaahd you think so too! 😊



'Frosty Blossom'

I got up one cold frosty morning to capture the frost/dew and I came across this beautiful frosty blossom flower in my garden. 🌸

Wattle Moon.jpg


'Wattle Moon'

I chose this image for September because 'Wattle Day' falls on the first of September and this is the time of year when our wattles are blooming their beautiful golden colours.

Thirsty Bee (watermarked).jpg


'Thirsty Bee'

It was a hot 40-degree day in my backyard in Hurstbridge when a 'thirsty bee' came to get a drink from the birdbath, I was very pleased with how the shot came out. You can even see her little tongue! It looks as though she is drinking the nectar of the earth. (which she is) Without water, there would not be life.

Ghost Gum.jpg


'Ghost Gum'

This particular Ghost Gum is my favourite tree... not only does it give great hugs! But it looks absolutely stunning from this angle. It is the same tree as shown in January's 'Cockatoo Wings'.

Mangroves from above.jpg


'Mangroves From Above'

The final month of the 2021 Eco-Calendar.

I took this image with my drone above the mangroves just south of Cairns. Mangroves provide a very important eco-system and can sequester many times more carbon than the same area of the rainforest while also serving as a barrier between the land and the ocean in case of extreme weather events. They also serve as a filter for freshwater running into the ocean. Now you know that mangroves are not only just beautiful to look at but also very important for sustaining life on earth. That's why each calendar plants a mangrove tree! The mangroves are planted on the coast of Madagascar, providing jobs to local communities while helping them build a more resilient future for themselves and future generations.