2021 Eco-Calendar
  • 2021 Eco-Calendar

    ✨The Australian 2021 Eco-Calendar✨


    Next years calendar should be available for preorder by September.


    📷 Unique nature photography🐝

    ♻️ Recycled Paper

    🥕 Non-toxic vegetable inks

    ☀️ Solar powered printing facility

    🌳 Each calendar plants a tree!

    ✅ Plastic-Free

    📨 Delivered to you 

    🌏 Carbon neutral parcel delivery §

    🇦🇺 Printed right here in Melbourne


    Includes Australian holidays & Eco-Events 🇦🇺📅

    Containing some of my favourite Nature Photography 📸

    Great for your wall... Great for the Planet! 🌏💚


    The 2021 Australian Eco-Calendar showcases some of my favourite photographs.

    As the name implies, the 'Eco-Calendar' specifically highlights all of the environmental/sustainability focused days so you dont miss out! 


    The Eco-Calendar also pairs with the Digital Eco-Calendar. Thats right! 

    The Digital Eco-Calendar offers links to the web pages that offer details on the events, how you can get involved and of course any potential date changes will be made on the digital calendar while this is not possible with a physical calendar.


    The Eco-Calendar not only informs you about all the eco events but it is also eco-friendly itself! Made from recycled paper, the calendar is printed with non-toxic vegetable inks in a solar powered printing facility here in Melbourne, so you can choose to re-recycle or compost your calendar at the end of the year!


    Your Eco-Calendar will be delivered using Australia Post's Carbon Neutral Delivery.

    • Refund Policy

      Refunds after shipping will be accepted should the calendar arrive damaged. For your refund to be accepted you must provide photographic evidence of the calendars condition and we will make a decision from there. (shipping not refundable)